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Cnfreight has been involved in project cargo for years and has accumulated abundant experiences in the areas of analysis of customers' requests, the transport solution, emergency planning, collaborating, field investigation and implementation.
It is guaranteed that the important project equipment is delivered to the destination safely and cost effectively. The customers are always the beneficiaries from our exceptional services.

Cnfreight offers comprehensive project solutions, tailored to the needs of the project and the client.
Project services include expediting, railway transportation, road or inland waterways, ocean and air transportation, customs clearance, delivery to project site, and if requested, rough setting onto foundation. Service scopes include, power projects, oil & gas refinery projects, engineering & construction projects etc.


Heavy Lift & Break Bulk:
Cnfreight offers a vast experience of shipping heavy lift and break bulk cargo, from structural steel to the most complicated oversized and/or heavy machinery and equipment. The type of vessel for each shipment is selected based on the specific needs of the merchandise. Each commodity requires different handling, and together with our clients, we find the way to handle the special product economically and safely.

Other Associated Service Include:
Advance inspection on port handling capacity and technique;
Road survey so as to optimize the routes;
Emergency planning;
Third party survey;
Consultation on transport packing;
Surveillance of the operation at jobsite, technique and safety support.

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